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Mirror Plates For Automobile Project

Our company is a professional manufacturer mirror plates of automotive mirrors, and configure the high-end production equipment, production of various kinds of automotive mirrors, varieties of blue lenses, chrome mirror , aluminum lenses , The products are mainly exported, In a leading position and in the technical content and quality of products of the domestic industry. We are also providing the complete mirror plant for customers as well.


In addition to mirror manufacturing , we also offers the sub-assembly of mirrors, heating and mounting plate to complete the process. The supply can be demanded by the OEM or the 2nd tier supplier. We guarantee our customers clear accountability, quality, and to abide by all specifications.



Anti-Glare Mirror Plates

Aluminum Mirror Plates

Chrome Mirror Plates

Blue Tint Mirror Plates

Classification and Uses for auto mirrors

Category: Car Mirrors division, points outside mirrors, rearview mirror and inside rear view mirror installation location. Use category exterior mirrors reflect the car backside, under the rear-view mirror to reflect the car before the bottom, inside rear-view mirror to reflect the rear of the car and in-car. The purpose is not the same as the mirror structure will be different. Door mirror in general, there are two, one is a plane mirror, by definition flat mirror is jargon is the radius of surface curvature R infinity ", which with the normal household with a mirror obtained with the visual image of the same size , this plane mirror is used to do the inside rear view mirror. Another is a convex mirror, a mirror is a spherical shape, having a radius of curvature of the different size, its image is smaller than the visual field range is large, the inflatable shaft like the camera "Wide Angle" role, this convex mirror is commonly used to do outside Mirrors and under the rear-view mirror.
The general assembly outside rearview mirror and inside rear view mirror of cars and other light passenger cars, large commercial vehicles (buses and trucks), general assembly outside mirrors, under the rear-view mirror and inside rear view mirror.

Usage: car mirror to reflect the car rear side and the bottom of the case, so that the driver can look at these locations indirect, it plays the role of the "second eye" to expand the scope of the driver's field of vision.


We are specialized in manufacture mirror plates for rear view mirror  side view mirror (car mirror, mirror assembly, auto mirror) such as blue mirror plates and chrome mirror plates, aluminum mirror plates for car mirror. we also have another mould factory to make moulds for plastic parts and aluminum parts. And assembling  the complete mirror assembly  or sub assembly or sub-assembly for customer. 


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